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Update:  There are currently two free phones available from Straight Talk, but you might also be interested to know that there are three brand new higher quality phones available.  I love it when new prepaid smart phones come out, so I’m pretty happy right now.  My favorite of the three phones is the Nokia E5.  It’s a smart phone with a great screen and quick web browsing.  If you need a phone with a little bit of style that can do all the things the high end phones can, then the Nokia E5 for Straight Talk is for you.  Here’s the E5 below.

See all three new phones at StraightTalk.com

straight talk nokia e5 phone prepaid

But if you’re in it for the free phones, read on…

If you’re someone who likes free stuff (and I know a lot of my readers are), then you will be pumped to hear that right now you can get two free Straight Talk phones from the official website.  Go over to StraightTalk.com to see if this deal is available in your area!  The way you get your free Straight Talk phone is by purchasing one month of service.  The phones you can choose from are the LG 220C and the Motorola W348, two pretty nice phones.

Straight Talk has two plans: one of them is an unlimited plan, which gets all the attention because it’s a pretty good deal.  It costs $45 per month for a no contract plan.  It’s awesome that you don’t need to sign a contract to use these phones.  So if you want a good quality phone on a prepaid service that actually runs on Verizon’s network in some parts of the country, go have a look at this deal at StraightTalk.com

Below is the Motorola phone currently available for free.

straight talk free phones deal promotion

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