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Straight Talk has come out with many incredible phones since they have began in the prepaid cell phone market. Many of these phones have evolved as technology has evolved. Many new phones that are being released by prepaid companies and normal cell phones companies alike are becoming all touch screen phones. Straight Talk has done a fantastic job with staying in the loop with what people want in a phone that doesn’t just function but provides entertainment, technology and a phone that people love in general.  There are quite a few Straight Talk touch screen phones out now.

The Samsung t528G is the newest Straight Talk touch screen phone available.  This phone possesses a beautiful screen and is app capable. See it below.  Buy this phone (it’s only $99 right now) or just learn more about it at StraightTalk.com


Straight Talk has a wide variety of fantastic touch screen phones that are full of options and features as well as customizable components so that you can personalize your phone just the way you want all at a great, low price!  Straight Talk smart phones are also on the rise currently as we are expecting to see two new releases very soon.  Straight Talk’s Nokia 6790 GSM is one of the many great Straight Talk touch screen phones available. This phone’s main screen is all touchscreen with a great sliding out full QWERTY keyboard for those that try to avoid touch screen text messaging. This phone has great application capabilities as well as a 2.0 megapixel built in camera and video recorder. With this great Straight Talk touch screen phone you can also access multiple web services and manage more than one e-mail accounts.

The Straight Talk Finesse is another great Straight Talk smart phone. This phone is completely touch screen and does not have a slide out QWERTY keyboard. However, there is a great, user-friendly virtual QWERTY keyboard that you can type with on the bottom of the screen. This phone has a keypad lock so that you don’t accidently call anyone from your pickets or purse as well. Both of these Straight Talk touch screen phones are great options for anyone looking for a great, new inexpensive touch screen phone from a great service provider!

straight talk touch screen phone Straight Talk has some very good phones and great prices on talk time.  You can always find some deals on the official website.  Sometimes there are even free phone offers.  If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you should periodically check the site to see what’s currently available.  I’m more partial to the smart phones, so when a new phone is released, I’m always excited.

New Phones

There’s a new phone and it’s one that people are getting excited about.  It’s called Optimus Black–it’s a little bit on the pricey side at $300, but people still like it and it’s the best cell phone Straight Talk TracFone has released yet.  Read more about this Android phone here or go direct to the ST website for all the details and to learn about the unlimited plan this phone comes with.  I like this phone a lot.  In fact, I think it may be my next prepaid phone purchase.  I love the fact that Androids can be prepaid now.  Samsung R375 is another new phone, but I am not the biggest fan of this phone, even though it’s sold at a great price.  I prefer the Nokia E71 at $99, but that’s just my opinion.  It’s all about what you think and what your preferences are.  See the $99 Nokia E71 3G phone at StraightTalk.com

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