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The newest Straight Talk touch screen phone is the first Android phone to be released by Straight Talk.  Android phones provide some great functions including swype texting, web browsing, touch screens, and app downloads.  The new Samsung Precedent touchscreen phone is one of the best Straight Talk phones available right now.

— Check out the Straight Talk ZTE Rapido, one of my favorite new phones from this company here.

There are about fifteen phones available right now from prepaid wireless provider, Straight Talk Wireless.  Some of the phones are really nice and some of them aren’t really worth looking at.  One thing you should know is that currently, you can get the LG 220C phone for free with the purchase of one month of prepaid wireless service, which will cost you either $30 or $45.  But what I want to write about today are the touch screen Straight Talk smart phones that are either available, have been available in the past, or will soon be available.

See all available phones (and special offers) at StraightTalk.com

Straight Talk’s touch screen phones have ranged from the Samsung Finesse r810c, which is no longer available for sale from the official website (although it may be still sold on the Walmart site, another place where Straight Talk phones are sold), to the Nokia 6790 and Nokia E71, both of which are still available in certain locations.  The first thing you want to know when looking at a Straight Talk touch screen phone is the price.  Let’s be honest, that’s the first thing you look at and consider because you don’t want to overpay for your phone.  You want to get the best deal possible. These phones are not overpriced and the fact that they come with a no contract plan really pushes them into the range of a very good value.

There is a possibility of two Straight Talk smart phones being released and this is something that I personally know a lot of people are pumped up about.  The fact is you can get a smart touch screen phone with a prepaid plan (which means no contract), which means you don’t have to commit for a long time in order to get a nice phone.  The Nokia E5G is one of the potential new straight talk touch screen phones coming out.  It would be in the vein of the Nokia 6790 and would be a nice touch screen to add to the lineup.

Get a free phone at StraightTalk.com

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5 thoughts on “Touch Screen Phones for Straight Talk Prepaid

  1. Olivia St John says:

    Hi! There are some really god phones out there right now. I was thinking about getting the Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile prepaid, but I’m not sure now. I might just be happy with the samsung t528g for tracfone.

  2. Handyman says:

    I use my phone for business, so I need to know if straight talk service is reliable. I am looking for a smart phone, but I want to be totally sure my customers can get to me at all time, so which phone is best? I need unlimited service since I am on phone all the time and even texting when I am not talking. I also need to get addresses and directions from email and maps functions, so which StraightTalk smart phone will be best?

  3. Madelyn says:

    I’ve been thinking about which phone to get. E5, E71, or the new Android straight talk phone. Not sure yet, but I will read some more reviews!!

  4. android bionic says:

    I’m all about the prepaid touch screen phone. This is what I need.

  5. Chris says:

    Well, now that the iPhone 5 is available on Straight Talk, the game has changed.

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